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We make finding the perfect caregiver easy

About The Nurturing Nanny Agency

Why choose our services

Welcome to The Nurturing Nanny Agency, my name is JaVaire Barnes. After working as a professional nanny for 11 years I have seen firsthand how valuable it is to have someone that you can trust as your right hand to assist with your children, life, and home.  My decision to start The Nurturing Nanny Agency was born out of the desire to help more families attain the work-life balance that I have been able to provide for my clients over the years.

My goal is to refer out individuals like myself who are passionate about helping others and creating an environment for children in the home that is nurturing and educational. 

Our process

At The Nurturing Nanny Agency, we carefully locate, screen, train, and refer only the best Nannies and caregivers so that you can easily create peace and harmony in your home. 

We take a personal approach and will make sure you're well taken care of throughout this process. We screen nannies for experience, intelligence, and loyalty — all the qualities that are necessary to provide your family with a stable environment in an efficient manner! Our screening procedure quickly eliminates inexperienced candidates while locating quality professionals who share our high standards: professionalism at every turn; age-appropriate skill sets based on what they should know already (or not) upon arrival into the job-- coupled with a work history that speaks volumes about their ability to commit long term.

Our obligation

The Nurturing Nanny Agency is passionate about providing our clients with the best possible solutions and we are looking forward to helping you!

If you’re ready to find your perfect nanny, just fill out the Family Application below and a specialist will be in contact to start the process. We can also answer any questions that come up along the way!

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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