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The Nurturing Nanny

JaVaire Barnes

Certified Newborn Care Specialist



I am JaVaire Barnes. As a Childcare professional with 8+ years of experience, who has worked with and cared for children of all ages ranging from newborn to 15 years of age, I now own and operate The Nurturing Nanny Agency, but with a particular interest in newborn development and care, I also work as a night-time Newborn Care Specialist.   I enjoy supplying nurturing care and support to all family members, While also creating an environment that is safe and comfortable for everyone. Being a passionate caregiver, I have a natural craft of working with families to ensure that each member receives the best possible care plan in relation to bringing home the new bundle of joy. 

I am happy to support families with the early stages of caring for a newborn but also assist them in finding the correct level of care and support needed past the infant phase. Life autonomy is important, and I love being able to help others find that balance. 

I bring various knowledge and skills to each home as I worked as a nanny for many years before embarking on the journey of becoming a newborn care specialist.

With love for what I do, It is my goal that when I leave your home, you are equipped and ready to move forward with no worries. 

My Services include:

  • Establishing healthy sleep habits

  • Soothing baby back to sleep

  • Maintaining sleep schedules & Logs

  • Changing baby when needed

  • Feeding the baby

  • Assisting with developing a daily schedule

  • Keeping the nursery tidy

  • Sterilizing, cleaning, and preparing bottles

  • Sterilizing and cleaning pump parts

  • Education for parents

  • Assisting with Breastfeeding

  • Sleep Training

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